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Pure Energy Solar's Solar Solutions:

Grid Interactive "Grid Tie"

Grid connected

solar electric systems

convert sun light directly to electricity for local use and any extra power is fed to the local grid. These solar systems operate without an energy storage system (batteries) and have no consumable parts. The produced electricity is utilized by the customer, while any excess electricity is sold to the utility grid.

Stand Alone Systems

Stand alone PV systems

are usually installed in remote areas, where there is no main grid or it is difficult or even impossible to use any other source of power. No other power system can match the reliability of an expertly designed and installed solar electric system. There are no moving parts, so the system is virtually maintenance free throughout the course of its lifetime. The operating cost is negligible, since there is no need for fuel, and it is fully automatic and suitable for unmanned applications.

Grid tie with Battery Back Up

These systems combine the technologies of Stand Alone systems and Grid Tie systems offering the best of both worlds. These

hybrid solar systems

convert sun light directly into electricity providing power for the user and feeding any excess to the grid. They also charge your batteries and provide back up power to your designated circuits.

Portable Solar Power

Pure Energy now features

Portable Solar Power!

Improve your next event with our Tower of Power and reduce your event's carbon footprint! Click HERE for more info!


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