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Pure Energy Solar:

Solar Feasibility Study:


Solar Feasibility Study

will begin with Pure Energy Solar working with you to determine your project goals and defining a site-specific solution. Pure Energy Solar will then perform a detailed

Solar Site Assessment

and, finally, we will share our

Photovoltaic Feasibility Assessment.

Phase I:
Pure Energy Solar
will begin with a Client Meeting to discuss:
  • Project Goal Overview
  • Projected Power Requirements
  • Review of Potential Solar Sites
  • Utility Interconnection Review
Phase II: Pure Energy Solar will continue with a detailed

Site Assessment

that includes:
  • Inspection of the potential Solar Sites
  • Pre-existing infrastructure review
  • Site specific construction and safety logistics
Phase III: Pure Energy Solar will conduct a

Solar Feasibility Study

that will include:
  • Site Assessment: A detailed inspection of the proposed location includes a visual inspection of available structures, roof conditions, safety concerns, logistics and other job related factors.
  • Solar System Recommendation: Most Utilities offer a Net-Metering Agreement with their clients who produce power. In the event that that is not the case, then an Electrical Audit is performed to recommend a size of a solar system.
  • Solar Access and Shade Assessment: An assessment of the total potential solar energy given the shading of a particular site will be provided. Identifying the shading pattern early in the process reduces the expense of system and improves the efficiency of the final system.
  • Performance Reports: Using our solar experience, research from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and the Solar Access and Shade Assessment, Pure Energy Solar will be able to determine the projected performance of a solar system over time.
This service is available anywhere. Contact us to schedule your Photovoltaic Feasibility Study today!

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